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Reimagining work with strategy – shared 6D systemic strategy process

Traditional approaches to strategic change tend to assume linear reasoning, emphasising the formulation of goals, the development of strategic plans and clear communication of the plan to the organisation. How could strategic change processes enable coordinated action, positioning organisational and team members for success through multiple engagements of the members and their interests, abilities and resources, maximising potential for creative collective agency?

With this interest in mind, Dr Martin Miksits and Dr Christine Oliver created the Systemic 6D strategy model that is build around clear, structured processes of strategic inquiry with dialogical sensibilities paying attention to narratives and patterns of relationship, communication and power amongst a diversity of organisational stake-holders.

Humap Consultation has developed a model of strategy work that utilizes the power of a dynamic ecosystem, human experience data, strategic foresight, and the change journey opportunities offered by the latest Howspace technology.

In this webinar, we present the six-phase process of strategy work that values conventional strategy work as well as people’s experiences, cooperation development across boundaries, agile operations and effectiveness.


  • Fact: According to a newest study, 95% of executives consider it important to adapt operating methods to be innovative and flexible in the new era.
  • Challenge: Future success requires that strategy work will be reimagined as part of the virtual work revolution.
  • Benefits: Systemic 6D strategy work means sharing, understanding and creating new information, new ways of working, and a new market together with people. It builds spirit for the whole ecosystem community and boosts an innovative culture of cooperation that creates new growth.

Start your change journey and  join our webinar on 13th of October 2022 at 3-3.45 pm (EET). The webinar guests are Ing, Mag, MSc, DProf Martin Miksits and CEO of Howspace Ilkka Mäkitalo. The host is CEO of Humap Consultation Terhikki Rimmanen.

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