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Reimagining culture: Adaptive action methods to transform culture

Organizations used to be run from top to bottom. But the world doesn’t work like that anymore. Organizational culture is a living system. Interaction and language constructs reality and thinking that emerges in the culture.

The future of work depends on actions of the whole organization and its ecosystems. The best insights and development take place between people. In a complex world, you don’t always see all the patterns around you.

Culture is a pattern that belongs to the whole system, but it is generated by every action by every individual in every place across the organization. Two critical practices create the culture you want. First, the organization names the pattern and the behaviors that will create it. Then, everyone uses Adaptive Action to make the pattern a reality. They ask WHAT is my opportunity to create the culture I want?  SO WHAT are the ways I might contribute to the pattern right now? NOW WHAT will I do in the here and now to make the pattern real for me and my team?

Humap Consultation Ltd has developed systemic and adaptive culture building process that utilizes the power of a dynamic organizational culture, experimental, emotional data and sensemaking by whole organization and its ecosystem offered by the latest Howspace technology.

In this webinar, we present and reflect on how to make sense of systems notions: What is happening? So What? Now What? In the study of chaos and complexity, Adaptive Action introduces a simple, common-sense process that will bring your organization into reflective action.

Start your cultural reflective journey and join our webinar on 19th of May 2022 at 3-3.45 pm (EET). The webinar guest is Glenda Eyoang, famous Keynote Spaker and Founding Executive Director of Human Systems Dynamics and Annika Ranta an Organizational Consultant and partner of Humap Consultation.


NOTICE: The webinar starts soon. We have sent to registered persons email with zoom-link to webinar.

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