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Vesa Purokuru

I listen to strategies and reflect shared ideas.I generate new kinds of discussions in work communities.

Leadership and cooperation sparring in the midst of challenging changes is at the core of my work. Trust, authenticity, research and innovative dialogue form the basis of my operations.I am at my best in open processes where I get the participants to gain insight and clarify the future together.I generate excitement and energy.

I dare to challenge the group even in difficult matters.Difficulties teach us to go forward.The majority of my partnerships are long-standing.Results and trust will carry you.The use of new and creative working methods, such as art and circus, in broadening thinking attracts people.

Fields of expertise and strengths

  • Working as a development partner
  • Strengthening relationships and trust:Management group work
  • Change phenomena, leadership amidst change, change models
  • New leadership and self-directing operation culture
  • Strategy work
  • Art interventions supporting development work