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Terhikki Rimmanen

Management operations reflect the organization’s ability to function and to renew itself.Culture either creates or destroys strategy.Leadership means influencing.The management can influence the right issues when it knows what different parts of the organization think, are capable of and do in relation to the goal.

At best, management operations make strategizing a shared process and an affective part of organizational culture.Strategy becomes meaningful, continuous, inclusive and renewing.

My passion is to help management in taking advantage of the most valuable capital: the expertise and wisdom of the organization.Processes that utilize digitality enable organization-level strategic discussions between different groups.

In my work as a CEO, I want to practice as I preach as a consultant.Let’s get together and build a culture that is capable of renewing.That, in my view, is the core of business development.

Fields of expertise and strengths

  • Consulting management and managing multi-locational work
  • Management group work
  • Strategic work

 Terhikki is an excellent coach.She is a very good listener.In addition to that, she has the ability to make you think about issues and seek answers to the questions you have not paid attention to or questioned in your everyday work.Terhikki’s guidance is friendly, factual and down-to-earth.She gives good practical advice concerning leadership situations that, at least for me, have proved to be useful and effective.
Eija Suomela-Salmi, Professor,Dean, University of Turku

Terhikki has supported us since 2012.She knows how to make people think.She does not fall into repeating the same questions, but challenges us to think and operate in a whole new way and does not underestimate our know-how.
Mirja Huttunen, Head of Office, Helsinki Execution Office

Terhikki’s way of working is competent and client-based.She listens and understands.She was able to crystallize our message in an excellent way which helped to move our process forward.Terhikki was a strong, forward-pushing force in our process and, at the same time, kept things simple and concrete.She sparred us with her questions so that we were able to verbalize our thoughts.
Olli Luukkainen, Chairperson, OAJ