Terhikki Rimmanen

Managing Director, Organisation Consultant, Member of the Board

+358 400 856 045


I’m a family oriented and passionate work and business developer. For almost 25 years, I have had the pleasure to work with pioneers in developing new ways of working – utilizing the latest technology. This has provided interesting opportunities to develop strategy and management team work with clients, as well as the leadership and time and place free practices.

I believe in the power of networks. The most recent article I wrote with my network was “Digital Strategic Development”. You can find it in the book named “Now there would be jobs for the mallet – From Customer Understanding to Board Work, 2018”. The next expert-co-authored book for government advisors will be published in the fall of 2021.


New ways of working are here to stay. For me, flexible work doesn’t mean where to work, but when and how work is done and led. Now is the moment to take these decisions seriously as strategic topics.

Competence expires in six months and needs to be constantly updated, which has not existed before. Because 90% of capacity building takes place outside of formal education, we desperately need practices that support communal and rapid learning.

Innovation can start from anywhere and the highly dynamic market is growing all the time. When it comes to strategy, it is essential to identify the importance of human capital and the impact of the ecosystem. That is why collaboration is now more important than ever supporting growth.


I help to reimagining strategy. For me, reimagining means intuitive emotion and inspiring insights, not only rational thinking of what needs to be done. What do you dream about in working life? Let’s live it together.


  • Ecosystem business development
  • Strategy work
  • Leadership development
  • Organisation development