Riitta Hyppänen


I am an active, versatile innovator of working life. In my work, I most often meet supervisors,  managers and team leaders, sometimes the whole staff is also gathered around common themes. Even though the workplaces are different, recently the revolution in work, hybrid work, community spirit and future skills have been especially emphasized, regardless of industry and sector.


The change in work requires renewal, learning and the ability to change from all of us. I believe that it is possible to make working life more meaningful, meaningful and therefore also more successful with sustainable principles.


Whether the method is coaching, a Keynote speech or a workshop, it is important to establish a connection first. Therefore, on our journey of learning and change, we have to be careful at first to invest in encounters – fortunately, dialogic digital platforms have come to the rescue.

Discussion, listening and questions play a key role in everything. My role can be a breaker of silos, a builder of bridges, a travel guide to the new, a pilot over challenging places or an enabler of successes.


  • Management and leadership,
  • Competence and continuous learning,
  • Change and renewal management, transformation,
  • Remote work, hybrid working, multi-location work, work disruption
  • Co-development, facilitation, digital facilitation
  • Construction of networks, e.g. Fast Expert Teams