Pia Hautamäki

Member of Advisory Board, Modern marketing and sales

Pia Hautamäki works at TAMK in Tampere’s university associations as a Sales Management researcher and Head Teacher. Pia leads the ROBINS research project focusing on sales, artificial intelligence and robotics and works as a responsible teacher in the YAMK degree in international sales and sales management at TAMK.

In addition, Pia is a member of the management team of the International Institute of Global Sales and Science (GSSI). GSSI aims to increase sales training and research worldwide. In her career  sales and coaching have always been closely related. Prior to her academic career, she worked for almost 20 years in B2B sales and sales management positions in Finnish coaching and consulting companies. Pia has been selected as one of Finland’s 25 most significant leader whisperers.

In her spare time, Pia is a passionate skier, cyclist and runner, a mother of two and an entrepreneur. Pia has published her sales research e.g. in subsequent academic publications such as the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Pia is also an influential owner at Bonfire Agency. Her mission of working life is to get # Finlandgrowthroughsales.

You can find Pia in the following social media channels.

Linkedin @ PiaHautamäki
Twitter: @PiaHautamaki
Instagram: @PiaHautamaki
FB: @PiaHautamaki

What is needed for future success in working life?

Based on my experience, success in working life in the future requires, above all, open-mindedness, cooperation skills, a desire for continuous development, and networking, management and sales skills. Digital technologies and an understanding of how ecosystems work create the basis for everything you do. These elements are combined in Humap’s operations, which is why I am happy to be part of Humap’s Advisory Board.


  • Modern marketing and Sales