Petri Lehtipuu


From a professional point of view, I identify three main lines in myself: I started my career as a technical expert, a vendor of project business solutions and a responsible manager, from which I feel I have learned the most important principles and practices of customer-oriented operations. The second path throughout my work history has been to use methods of quality and continuous improvement in the development of operations. The third set consists of systemic thinking in company-level management, especially in concrete situations of change, where the right issues need to be identified and resolved, not just drifting into future business models.

Otherwise, my life is divided between family and a few active hobbies. I can be found in the band’s rehearsals, filming birds and other wildlife, or moving around in a variety of seasons.


Very often, managers, supervisors, or employees find their requirements conflicting, while at the same time requiring things that seem to have conflicting goals.

However, the possibility of building win-win solutions exists and can be implemented through dialogue between different stakeholders and parties. I want to combine the perspectives of responsible management with strategic and operational challenges by bringing to the discussion the implications of different options in the short and long term. It is important that people have the opportunity to influence their own work and to see the significance of their work widely, which creates a basis for sustainable value creation for all stakeholders.


In collaboration with Humap’s wide range of experts, I find my active role in situations of change that utilize and analyze existing data and information and involve people in influencing the continuous development of our operations. I can lead workshops that create broad lines and set goals and indicators of success, or spar with an individual change leader who wants to build a long-term organizational culture by making consistent decisions. What is important is that in development work, the club does not have to be squeezed, learning is rewarding at the best and yet effective.

Having worked as a coach and consultant for hundreds of different organizations for over 20 years, I also find interesting benchmarks in different industries. Identifying the practices of pioneers, possibly from a different industry, broadens perspectives and teaches you to set and achieve new goals.

The hardest thing is to run an existing business and at the same time innovate for the future – I am ready to support success here.


  • Evaluation of the company’s performance and continuous renewal
  • Building a renewed operating culture
  • Value and vision work
  • Customer-driven business, especially development related to strategy work and change
  • Coaching management methods and coaching