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Pekka Tokola

 The last performance-increasing device is to do things that appear ineffective.It is important to stop and observe the experiences, feelings and interaction that work generates.That means observing personal experiences, talking about them, listening to others and yourself and thinking before acting.Essential changes often happen in your personal attitude, thinking and stance enabling better cooperation with the environment. In the best case scenario, you will be surprised by discovering something you did not expect.

I help organizations by leading different dialogic development processes for experts and work communities and doing coaching work and professional guidance both face to face and virtually.I also have a long history in working as a mediator and supporter in challenging conflicts.

Fields of expertise and strengths

  • Coaching
  • Professional guidance
  • Early caring
  • Conflict resolution support
  • Facilitating group operations
  • Change and crisis consultations
  • Coaching consultative approach towards work
  • Facilitation coaching
  • Self-leadership
  • Process consultations