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Pekka Pirhonen

Leader, create opportune circumstances for doing Good. Good is best for your business.

What is Good for your clients? Satisfied personnel with a clear strategic direction and a genuine desire to walk the way towards it. What is Good for your personnel? Organisation culture that invites everyone to open up, be renewed and manifest their dreams.

Organization culture is not a destiny, but a strategic choice

Organization culture is not a soft and ambiguous issue that’s difficult to measure and impossible to manage. Culture should be seen as part of business strategy. A living strategy is not a fixed document, it’s a self-renewing process. The strategy is implemented on everyday work, through practical adaptation and experiments.

Leverage teams engage organizational change

Boards and management teams are obvious leverage teams, as well as managers as a professional community. However, any emerging and creative group can be seen as a leverage point. Creating a living leadership and collaboration culture starts by energizing these leverage teams. The whole organization is ignited by these refreshed teams that communicate and listen in a new way.

Self-leadership is the organization’s new civil skill

The organization turns towards the business strategy as soon as every individual finds his/her own way to serve the strategy. Leading oneself skillfully means implementing one’s personal strategy, collaborating with colleagues and creating high-performing teams. Leading oneself is the foundation for being a professional, and a prerequisite for a constantly renewing organization culture.

Fields of expertise and strengths 

I do human-centric strategic development involving organisations, teams and individuals. I’m especially interested in synchronizing organization and individual strategies.

  1. Organization strategy and value processes – I am a strategy consultant
  2. Activating boards and management teams – I am a professional teamcoach
  3. Personal strategy – I am a professional self-leadership coach

Work experience: I have worked in ICT-industry for 27 years – first 10 years in software development and project management, then 17 years as a management consultant in big ICT companies, focusing on ICT-strategies, business process redesign, change management and facilitating leaders forums. I started at Humap in 2009, focusing on organization culture and human-centric strategy work.


Pekka did not offer us ready-made answers but challenged us and our operations, in a great way, and held the process together.The whole experience was downright excellent.Everyone got a lot of new ideas concerning their own operations.I guess the best indicator of our satisfaction is that we already placed a new order.The cooperation continues. Timo Honkanen, CEO, Turku Energia

The strategic process of the city of Rauma was completely renewed with the help of Humap’s ‘nice guys Pekka and Vesa (Purokuru)’.As a result of the inclusive and interactive process, The Story of Rauma – A City Strategy was born.The strategy consultants helped to brainstorm and implement new models of inclusion and interaction in a laid-back and captivating manner and, at the same time, I myself learned a lot.The consultants’ strong faith in people, and generating added value through interaction between people, opened up to me in a whole new way.It is a teaching that I now use in my daily work! Sari Salo, Chief Administration Officer, City of Rauma

The working method in Onnivaattori coaching was inspiring: an opportunity for in-depth thinking in a light and fun context.The change-seeking members of the group gave ideas, food for thought and a sense of a shared journey.Everything finally came together during the one-on-one mentoring meetings with Pekka.I accepted the new assignment peacefully. I felt like I controlled the change and not the other way around.I know what I want and how to get it. Area manager Hanna Lampi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Pekka and I had a rewarding 10 month journey from spring to late autumn.You, Pekka, knew how to bring different tools and ways of thinking into situations in an excellent manner.The sensitivity, with which you read people and the energy in the room, is absolutely impressive.We generated good conversations that produced desired operations: brave experiments, different ways of operating and lasting solutions.Keep up the good work, Pekka.You have understood something essential about being human. Prisma manager Tommi Viitanen,OsuuskauppaKeskimaa

Pekka always gives a positive surprise. The way he has worked with us for several years has been different from other consultants. And results are clear: ice has melted and trust has been built, work satisfaction has risen, and absence from work has fallen. Jari  Kuivanen, Manager of business unit Heat, Turku Energy

How do you recognise a good coach? From results. Professor Jukka Käyhkö, University of Turku

Our management team’s coaching sessions have been an oasis in the desert of worklife. Ismo Matinlauri, VP Solution Sales& Marketing, Kalmar at Cargotec Corporation

I’ve found Pekka to be exceptionally inspiring and he does have very good ability to engage one to think, analyze and act to achieve the proper results. There is always something to take home after the sessions! I can truly recommend Pekka! Janne Nyyssönen, Enterprise Architect, Fujitsu