Pekka Pirhonen

Organisation Consultant, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

+358 50 5587 808


I have been working for 40+ years. 10 years as a programmer (ICT), 17 years as a management consultant in large ICT corporations (connections between ICT and business) and 12 years at Humap (people in focus, creative collaboration and a systemic perspective). But what I have learned most is from two marriages and following the growth of five children.


My motto is “Stay fresh”. In working life you can and should enjoy, our challenge is to find a meaningful and sustainable way to work. And that’s not all – our common quest is for a new way to live and thrive on this fragile planet.

Freshness can be the realization of a strategy and the co-development of the next strategic movement. Full presence at a management team or client meeting. Skillful self-management, spiritual growth, and a productive way to connect with others.

It’s really about joyful and persevering opening up to something new. The quality of being determines the quality of doing.


In my work, I stop and move people, in different configurations and situations:

  1. Strategy consulting. Strategic and cultural renewal, all involved in creating strategy and living it real.
  2. Management team coaching. The awakening of the management team to a new kind of awareness, cooperation and interaction.
  3. Renewal Coaching. Self-leadership, finding meaning, and surrendering to living collaboration.

Books: (in Finnish):

  • No Agenda Club – Elä väljästi (Talentum 2009)
  • Onnivaattori – Itsen johtamisen keveys (Books-On-Demand 2015)

Blog Coaching Corner – Tales of Renewal

Focus areas in my client work:

(1) Strategic and cultural renewal – inviting all to create and implement strategies
(2) Management team awareness – leadership of the new era means shared awareness and bold renewal
(3) Growing as a leader and human being – self-leadership and surrendering to living collaboration