Olli Viljanen


I’m a human-oriented organisation designer. I have had the opportunity to work in multiple positions e.g. as Teacher, HR Expert, Entrepreneur, Researcher and Consultant. My main goal has always been to understand better and change in human systems.


My mission is to help individuals, teams and organisations to reimagine themselves in today’s constantly changing working life. The obstacles are not only of action but also of perception and thought. I feel that my job is to inspire both individuals and organisations to see new ways of work and disrupt old patters of thinking.


Strategy: I support organisations in co-creating and realizing a joint future with the entire organisation ecosystem: staff, clients and stakeholders.

Leadership: I help leaders and teams think, converse and lead better together.

Collective well-being: I help clients collectively to investigate and solve issues regarding well-being.


  • Self-management and well-being in fragmented expert work
  • Psychological safety of the work community
  • Community learning
  • Facilitation of renewal, process consulting, and game development