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Olli Viljanen

The purpose of my work is to help individuals, teams and organizations to renew.The ability to renew is not only required in coping with the changes in work but also in generating new, meaning-driven operations.However, the double challenge is that, as work becomes more fragmented, our collective challenges become more acute.

I emphasize two different approaches in my way of working.I design practical development experiments, in cooperation with the customer, applying functional resources for each operational environment.However, the problems of organizational renewal are not solely operational. They are equally problems in observing and thinking.Thus, my task is to help to broaden thinking and inspire to see things in a different light.

I also observe the world through a pedagogue’s eyes and generate learning promoting conditions in an organization.Knowledge is important, but, renewal-wise, dialogue is even more important.Learning and thinking together are skills that can be practiced.

Fields of expertise and strengths

  • Self-leadership and well-being in a fragmented specialist work
  • Psychological safety in a work community
  • Communal learning
  • Renewal facilitation, process consultation and gamified development

The coaching process led by Olli promoted well-being at work, developed interaction and positive enterprise culture and thus improved profitability.
Juha Leppä, Executive Vice President, Solaris Group, Solaris Kylpylät

Coaching was very inspiring and professional and helped to create a psychologically safe atmosphere.The methods used gave everyone a voice and, at the same time, made sure that new ideas were integrated into the company’s operations.
Ari Toiva, Finance and Administration Officer, Vantaa Health and Social Services