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Olli-Pekka Juoperi

I see an organisation as discussions. The more open and timely discussions are in an organisation, the more efficiency and quality is created in experts’ work. Often this change begins with a management group’s insight.


I am one of Humap’s founders, and from the beginning it has been important to us to “live as we preach” or “eat your own dog food.” If we try our own ideas and enjoy them, they can truly be of help to our customers.

Fields of expertise and strengths 

  • Strategic development
  • Sparring with senior management and management groups
  • Systemic process consulting
  • Coaching

Olli-Pekka has the ability to build a confidential atmosphere where important and timely thoughts are easy to discuss. Olli-Pekka’s ability to bring out theoretic viewpoints related to the discussion is an excellent manifestation of his professional expertise.
Anu Strömman, Vaisala

Humap’s consultant has provided an excellent model for management: he has been assertive and demanding, openly raised flaws he has noticed and boldly challenged our managers to think collectively. Tapani Kuukkanen, Patria