Niko Herlin


I am a passionate futurist, entrepreneur (Great Minds Oy), business management consultant and Keynote speaker. I am especially interested in the futures of learning, work and management, as well as various technological innovations. In the field of forecasting and consulting, I have several ten years of experience with companies in various fields, both internationally and domestically. In addition to consulting work, I work as a board member.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with friends, chill on the back of a road bike or sometimes just hang out.


I get a kick out of when the work I do really has an impact on people and the business of client companies. I believe in realizing and developing together. I see my own role specifically as an enabler of insights.


I get excited when I get to shake up and even question the way organizations think and do. Thinking about alternative futures is important in order to develop organizational agility. However, I always try to combine a good-natured atmosphere with dealing with even the toughest questions. I believe in the systematic combination of knowledge and feeling to achieve concrete results.


  • Business foresight and futures methods
  • Strategy and strategic leadership
  • Development of values and organisational culture
  • Facilitation and facilitation methods
  • Service design
  • Entrepeneurship and business development