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Matti Hirvanen

I want to take part in building organizations where leadership is everyone’s business.Successful cooperation always precedes results, so the starting point of development is cooperation relationships.

Since 2008, I have taken part in developing cooperation culture in over 100 organizations. My motives stem from understanding business and human interaction.Dialogue and digitality are at the core of my work.

Fields of expertise and strengths

●      Digital and virtual ways of developing organizations
●      Leadership and cooperation
●      Inclusive facilitation and cooperation methods
●      Modern teamwork skills

Matti and I have been on a journey together for about five years now, even though I have changed jobs from time to time. Matti is my go-to coach in grouping different new (and old) teams, finding the core of the team’s operations and in the regular evaluation of the teams’ operations. Every time, and I mean every single time, the feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Matti gives 100 percent and does everything from the heart.