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Marika Schaupp

I renew work that promotes the culture of experimentation and operation concepts.I provide help, especially in developing innovative learning practices and organizational capability and in change situations.My specific passion is renewing know-how, so that organizations could have a wider variety of communal abilities for redesigning work instead of merely coping with changes.

Organizations aspire to be dynamic but often create stagnant structures.In my development work, I challenge work communities and management groups to tackle two slightly opposite-sounding tasks:stopping and proceeding quickly.You must have patience to stop and observe what the organization’s operations and its development are all about right now.On the other hand, you must be able to quickly throw yourself into trying out new ideas, because the age of “the pre-planned” is over.This creates learning dynamics.

My work is based on the research that I do alongside the development.Essential themes are developing work and know-how as well as learning and well-being at work.I am always searching for constantly-defined answers to the questions: how do we develop know-how that does not yet exist, and how do we strategically manage operations that will arise tomorrow?

Even though organizations have realized that the community’s know-how is much more than the sum of the personal skills of its members, we are still struggling with how to renew organizational capability and how to lead in a more strategic and multifaceted manner.The most strategic knowledge is born in customer interfaces.I help to raise local knowledge, small new ideas and interesting exceptions on the top of strategy and strategic development.