Kirsi Kallio

Management and Board Business Coach, Developmental Work Research Guru

+358 400 898 904

Organizations change successfully only when people change. This requires common understanding, collaboration, competencies, and tested tools.


I am an experienced work and business developer specializing in coaching and counseling management teams and board members. I have been privileged to promote my passion as a messenger of new work in various research, development, and training positions for over twenty-five years.


You can lean on me when you want to lead your change journey in a human-focused way or construct your strategy process as a communal learning journey. I coach, guide, advise and design. With a big heart, not forgetting the fun.


There is nothing more valuable than a good theory. Therefore, my professional toolbox includes only scientifically tested methods that have been proven to work in practice. My background is in the tradition of Developmental Work Research and Change Laboratory methodology, and I am also a certified executive business coach.


  • Competence development and HR management
  • Strategy and Management Team work
  • Development work research
  • Online pedagogy
  • Design thinking
  • Business Coaching
  • Group and individual work supervision