Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä


My own goal is that every training, coaching, or process of change is an opportunity for everyone to stop at the search for a new kind of thinking and action. Seeing opportunities in a new and more diverse way.


In my work, I rely on a variety of systemic approaches. They help to find new practical solutions to succeed in the midst of change. When collaboration and learning are agile and flexible, a productive and prosperous organization is created. In the end, things are simple: as an organization, success always progresses one conversation at a time.


  • Value- and vision-based change processes in organizations.
  • A variety of leadership and change coaching projects based on systemic thinking.
  • Practical coaching for discussion and negotiation skills for experts.
  • Various innovative measurement methods for verifying the quality of collaborative relationships in organizations.
  • Intensive individual and group coaching processes for personal and organizational development.