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Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä

There need to be sparks and energy at work. The most significant things in work communities happen when people feel they belong to the community. Then they commit, become enthusiastic and surpass themselves. It has been fascinating to take part in building and supporting teams, organisations or changes where people have succeeded in achieving results by combining everyone’s unique abilities and passion with inspiring interaction.

My own goal is to make every training, coaching or change process an opportunity for everyone to pause and look for new ways of thinking and operating. Seeing possibilities in a new and more diverse way.

In my work I rely on many types of systemic approaches. They help in searching for new, practical solutions for success in the midst of change. When collaboration and learning are agile and flexible, a productive, healthy organisation is created. In the end things are simple: the organisation’s success makes headway one discussion at a time.


Fields os expertise and strengths

  • Organisations’ value and vision-driven change processes
  • Many types of management and change coaching projects based on systemic thinking
  • Coaching that provides experts with practical discussion and negotiation skills
  • Various innovative measurement methods in realising quality of collaborative relationships in organisations
  • Intensive individual and group coaching processes for personal and organisation development