Jukka Ala-Mutka

Jukka Ala-Mutka is a noted thought leader in leadership, agility, and innovation; a keynote speaker, and an author, as well as an appreciated contributor to leadership and organizational culture in social media. He has founded six companies, executed change programs for large enterprises and given hands-on training for over 200 new business ideas.

He has held the post-doctoral research fellow of Management and Organization at McGill University in Canada, a senior research fellow and lecturer at the Helsinki School of Economics and Aalto University in Finland. His new book in Finnish – Johtajuuden rakentajat: Edelläkävijöiden kertomuksia itseohjautuvuudesta ja kokeilukulttuurista – is the research of shared leadership, self-organization, and the culture of experimentation from 12 case studies – a much-needed guide for any company that seeks to succeed through a transformation in the age of artificial intelligence. Jukka has written three books in Finnish, and the new one – The Nordic Leadership – is becoming in 2022. Jukka working with the critical aspects of shared leadership, growth hacking and the culture of experimentation.

Jukka speaks on several topics, including but not limited to leadership, innovation, communication, and artificial intelligence.

  • Nordic Leadership: trust, safety, equality, and participatory culture
  • The Bossless Upside-down Organization
  • The Art of Original Thinking and Innovation
  • From Growth Hacking to Growth Culture
  • Inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue in the Digital Age
  • The Culture of Experimentation & Agility (company-wide or in Customer Service, Software
  • Development, Professional Services, etc.)
  • Shared Leadership in the Age of AI-driven Platforms and Social Media
  • How to lead millennials in the workplace