Jouni Varpelaide

Member of Advisory Board, Humane culture, finance and growth

Jouni Varpelaide’s most important roles in life are to be a spouse, father, grandfather, an entrepreneur and a gym coach.

He is a lawyer and, at the beginning of his post-graduate career, had his own law firm in the 1990s, dealing mainly with civil matters. He also served as an agent for the Foundation Advocacy Organization.

From 2002 to 2014, he worked for Svea Ekonomi AB as the President and CEO. Collection and financing were the cornerstones of the operation. He was responsible for building the company’s growth in Finland in the early years, and by participating in the Great Place to Work survey, he woke up to invest in his personal growth as a leader and as a person.

Since the autumn of 2014, he has worked as a start-up entrepreneur and sparrer for start-up companies in various industries, e.g. marketing, finance, digital services, consulting and event activities.

It is important for Jouni to study corporate culture and management: to consciously reflect on the world around him.

He is involved in the corporate management reading circle, where, with a shared reading experience, he meets eight times a year to discuss management, corporate culture, business and the outlook for the business environment.

What is needed for future success in working life?

The great challenge of working life is to keep people and humanity involved in a complex and rapidly changing environment and in the digital revolution. The importance of exercise and healthy eating as elements of well-being is growing, as they are an excellent way to ensure restorative sleep, a better quality of life and resilience.


  • financing and growth