Jere Talonen

Director, Business Ecosystems & Organisation Consultant

+358 40 126 3035



A family and nature-driven business developer with expertise in global and local high-end professional services and hospitality brands. I have experienced operational and strategic senior management roles within line, matrix, and teal organizations, as well as start-up entrepreneurship over 25 years in 9 countries.

Unleashing the full potential of people (here: employees, customers, and stakeholders) is my passion. As a people leader, organizational consultant, and progress catalyst my mission is to facilitate sense-making, turn collaborative insights into actions and build organizational growth by connecting strategy (what?) to purpose (why?) to culture (how?).


The world is changing faster around us than ever. The global pandemia has been reset. There is no way back to the past on how we work, get organized, and lead organizations. The challenge for every one of us is to adapt fast for such a logarithmic change and uncertainty of new knowledge work.

The time is to re-imagine work. New capabilities, skills, mindset, methods, and tools are required for us to succeed. Fundamental shifts in strategy creation, leadership principles, and organizational culture are needed. Seeing around corners proactively is becoming mainstream. “Soft skills” of yesterday are “hard skills” of today. “Cold data” needs alongside more and more “warm data”. Talking both money and people perspectives simultaneously is a prerequisite for organizational growth, togetherness, and progress.


We are building organizations of new leadership systems, structures, and cultures connecting insights of employees, customers, and stakeholders thru a collaborative way of working on-site or remotely.

The growing need for speed is obvious. Therefore, we use digital platforms and AI algorithms allowing us to allocate more time for humane intervention and collaboration together with our customers. We bring forth impediments and create opportunities for efficient and motivating asynchronous hybrid work.

Personally, my “people all times first”- approach, perseverance, and service excellence have followed me thru my entire career. My colleagues credit me for my contagious energy. My clients thank me for my holistic, systematic, and result-oriented approach turning insights into concrete actions, and generating more competent people, better performance, and higher profits.


  • Creating novel business concepts and ecosystems
  • Combining people and money perspectives
  • Bridging strategy to operations to culture
  • Implanting new ways of working, mindset, and tools
  • Connecting employee, customer, and stakeholder experiences
  • Steering people-centric data-driven digital transformation
  • Leadership, management board, and entrepreneur experience
  • International branded hospitality service processes expertise