Hermanni Hyytiälä


I am the Development Director of Aiwo Digital Ltd and an expert in systemic thinking at Humap Consultation Ltd. Leadership change and organizational development are themes close to my heart. I have spent years working with nationally and internationally acclaimed experts in modern management and organizational development. I am a Keynote Speaker and I actively write about these topics at various conferences, events and in the media – for example, an article written with Olli-Pekka Heinonen on the World Economic Forum website.

I specialize in improving the capacity of organizations to help decision makers do better things, not just old things better.


Over the millennia, the strength of humanity has been based on the ability to cooperate. We have been able to solve various problems through cooperation. The corona epidemic has shown that the challenges we face are more complex, interdependent and more conditional than ever before.

Our prevailing way of perceiving cooperation in organizations does not work optimally in the face of a vicious phenomenon in a state of constant coming. We need to come up with ideas and develop new types of systems, structures and forms of cooperation.


I make Reimagining work keynote speeches and use AI to make things invisible to management. In order to function as individuals and together in a changing world, we must learn to think our own way of thinking. This means, for example, that we need to make visible the basic assumptions about how we organize work in working life so that development and change are possible.

The lifespan of what we have learned will shorten in the future, and that is why we need to be able to challenge our own basic assumptions and learn from what we have already learned.

The changing and complexity of the world is not our greatest challenge. Our biggest challenge is if we face such a world with outdated forms of cooperation.


  • Ecosystem business development
  • Strategy work
  • Leadership development
  • Organisation development