Henri Sora

Strategies only succeed when they bring results. It requires appropriate methods and culture, from Board of Directors to the level of each team.


I am an experienced manager and consultant. I specialize in goal management by bringing the Objectives and Key Results method, OKR model, to companies. In addition, I work in various growth management projects and board work.


Implementing the strategy is an eternal challenge for management, which is also hampered by the uncertain and rapidly changing operating environment. However, the OKR target management model can be used to tackle the most common obstacles to implementing the strategy. In addition, the OKR model improves the organization’s operations, for example, by increasing clarity and peace of mind, helping to achieve results faster than before, and strengthening staff motivation.


I am determined to implement the OKR goal management model for the success of your organization. I bring the necessary skills to organisation to make strategy tangible in everyday life. I show the Board of Directors the importance of concretizing and monitoring the strategy. The ways for that Management Team to implement strategic goals as part of the company’s daily life. I support, spar, and train teams, regardless of their level, to incorporate strategy into their day-to-day operations.

I have gathered my encouragement by working for more than 20 years as a leader in the IT industry. In addition, I am one of the authors of the popular book Strategy for Everyday Life with the OKR Model. In addition to Finnish, the book has been published in French, and the English version of the book will be published in the coming months.


  • Goal Management
  • Objectives and Key Results or OKR model
  • Strategy projects
  • Board work
  • Development of management team work
  • Management Team and supervisory work
  • Agile methods and software development