Eija Holmström


I am a management developer who is enthusiastic about the importance of corporate culture and its development. My work experience and background is in finance and HR management. My mission is to accelerate the success of companies, believing that financial success is the result of people’s motivation, enthusiasm and cooperation. Even the best ideas and processes remain an excellent theory if the potential in people is ignored.

My passions are development and my own development as a person. I cherish my own development, e.g. studies, as a result of which I as a business scientist am also becoming a political scientist.


A company’s success is measured by financial performance. It is achieved in a win-win situation, where everyone working in the organization feels that they are a critical link on the way to the organization’s goals. The meaningfulness of the work, on the other hand, has a favorable effect on motivation, coping and the overall well-being of the individual. When management and personnel become aware of individual possibilities and limitations, the journey towards a new future can begin. Renewing corporate culture starts with people – their desire and ability to act differently.


The company’s strategy creates the need and the basis for change processes. Major changes and reforms may also require persuading the board and the management team to adopt a new operating culture. Identifying and developing the resilience of the organization and individuals accelerates change. Recognizing the diversity of the personnel and making appropriate use of it accelerates the organization’s ability to renew itself.

Let’s start together the development journey of a renewing and resilient organization!


  • Resilience in organisations
  • Developing a collaborative culture
  • Development of strategy work
  • Development of leadership and management team work