Eeva-Liisa Vihinen


I have gained more than 40 years of development experience as a teacher, organizational consultant, listener, stopper and a thinking partner. My learning and all that I do and how I live in my human networks has gripped me on my growth journey as a family mother, grandmother, life partner, colleague. My passion for learning and inventing something new has turned into a whim to understand holistically and deeply the essence of human organizations, the influence of all of us in them.


I want to help communities raise awareness of the phenomena and consequences of influencing and impressing. At the heart of sustainable success is the ability to innovate and learn. This, of course, applies to individuals, but to an even greater extent, it is critical to the success of communities. Competence is visible here and now in everyday life, but it is more important to connect competencies and make the whole refined in the continuous flow of learning. One of the upheavals in working life in this time is the hybrid formation of working and influencing together. I want to help my partners discover the power of collective wisdom through the learning process, exploiting and developing a wide variety of forms of work.


Whether it’s creating and implementing a strategy together, sparring a management team, developing leadership, building community well-being, or developing teamwork, it’s all about meeting people and engaging in inclusive dialogue. Promoting dialogue skills and systemically multifaceted ways of working are at the heart of my work. Polygamy also includes non-rational means of working — art, corporeality, multisensory, and intuition.


  • Developing a learning organizational culture
  • Developing a diverse culture of cooperation
  • Challenging organizational situations: resolving and utilizing tensions and conflicts
  • Developing a participatory and coaching management culture
  • Leadership as a strategic facilitation of learning