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Eeva-Liisa Vihinen

Working life seems to be fragmenting and becoming more complex, and the speed of change is exhilarating.How do you find smart, exciting and profitable ways of operating in each moment or in the long run?In order to make smart decisions, we need to understand what is happening.

I am extremely interested in how this understanding is built – I want to research and support it in cooperation with you.Listening is a way of comprehensively understanding what is happening right now.What phenomena we observe in the world, in our organization, in our team, between individuals and in ourselves?What do we make of it together?

Means of understanding-increasing listening:

  • Attentive observation
  • Appreciative interviews
  • Coaching that mirrors experience and forces you to stop
  • Opening digital channels for hearing the whole community

Eeva-Liisa has an excellent ability to listen with a sensitive ear and address important themes in conversations.While facilitating our management group’s development day, she used creative working methods that broadened our perspectives, but, at the same time, were simple enough so that it was easy to maintain focus while working. In one-on-one sparring situations, Eeva-Liisa gives you space but still enables the development of shared thinking by pitching the right material in a highly professional manner.
Satu Kuusinen, Jyväskylä Energy Group