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Ari Hyyryläinen

I am a development partner in changes concerning organizations and people.I can challenge, walk beside or build together.The most important thing is that we use each customer’s needs as a starting point.Thus, we are able to use techniques and tools that suit the customer’s future operations.

I did not come into this business with a sports background to spout banalities written by others but to courageously support the renewal of the work of individuals and work communities while respecting the customer.My doctrines for a diverse management and development of public administration are:

Even amidst complicated changes, people need to be heard and respected for their work.
Listening and managing is the whole work community’s responsibility.
Renewal requires bold gambits so that future operations will be in our own hands.
Learning small new actions together is a great opportunity for managers and the whole work community.

My Know-How

  • Guiding both individual and group peer discussions towards the future by posing questions, building new and providing encouragement.
  • Multifaceted (digital, live etc.) dramaturgy and implementation of group events while building the future together.
  • Renewing management groups and management know-how with diverse coaching and sparring methods.
  • Diverse pedagogical techniques in learning together in interaction.

What Kind of Philosophy Do I Base My Operations On?

  • Respecting people and companionship are the foundation pillars of my expertise and manner of working.
  • Building the future is an important value and a fundamental idea in my work.
  • Not theory, but life first

My motto:  ”Life is for living, not for the idle anticipation of fortune” (V.Virtanen)