Annika Ranta

Organisation Consultant (FINOD), Certified Business Coach, Energizer

+358 50 561 1356


People matter to me. My mission is to help create workplaces & working cultures where everyone feels capable and empowered to take on leadership activities when needed – starting from leading yourself to leading others. I like to move fast and deliver concrete results.


I am curious and continuously searching for new ways of doing things. Technology is for me a key enabler in doing things better, faster and with more insights. My strengths are empowerment and emotional intelligence combined with proven experience implementing real solutions. My passion is to help others to succeed in merger situations or in complex transformal changes in distributed organisations and ecosystems.


I think, that radical humane collaboration, where trust, presence and visibility of dialogue can be seen, is in the core of productivity in organizations. Therefore I am passionate about developing a collaborative mindset for customer delight, employee and ecosystem engagement and wellbeing of people and societies.


  • Ecosystem business development
  • Strategy work
  • Leadership development
  • Organisation development