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Annika Ranta

I worked as a manager and developer in an international organization for over 26 years marvelling at and renewing work communities and leadership.I am interested in efficiency and productivity at work: group dynamics and interaction and leadership that is built on both of them.Renewing work needs to be supported by trust, presence and transparency of thinking – agile collective thinking.

Everyday work situations are often complex and do not have a single, simple solution.Productivity is based on the kind of cooperation abilities we have: how we observe what is happening right now.When renewing work, I trust the combination of rational and intuitive thinking and emotional knowledge – the workplace needs complete people.Profitable business stems from authenticity.
At the moment, I support organizations by leading different dialogic culture development processes for managers and work communities and doing coaching work both face to face and virtually.

Fields of expertise and strengths
●      Managing multi-locational work in a renewing work culture
●      Networking & the process consultation of its operating models
●      Technologies in an inclusive and work-remodelling use
●      Productive, energizing encounters, meetings
●      Challenging change processes in organizations (energy, trust, respect, efficiency)
●      The well-being processes of mobile work
●      Developing leadership and management skills
●      Value processes
●      Small group coaching, professional guidance both face to face or virtually

Annika is talented at creating a positive, trusting and open atmosphere in groups both large and small.She masters many inclusive methods through which everyone gets a chance to make a difference. The conversations emphasizean inspiring and appreciative attitude towards work.
Pia Rautio, HR Director atFinnkino