Future of strategy work is humane. It helps to understand the big picture, which increases the relevance of the strategy in every employees own work. It strengthens staff and customer experience and takes advantage of the latest technology.

As pioneers in strategy work, we utilize systemic strategic thinking and cross-border cooperation models. We help you to build humane strategy work where everyone understands the importance of the big picture, common direction and strategy for their own work.

With us, your organization will be able to build business and new markets through strategy work in an unprecedented way. By combining the capabilities of the latest technology with the capabilities of people, we help you create a humane and sustainable strategy cost-effectively and time-efficiently.

We create an inclusive experience and facilitate the opportunities for your strategy work easily and comprehensibly directly into the daily lives of the people in the organization, so that the staff and customer experience is strengthened as part of a new culture of leadership and collaboration.

Reimagine with us how the human strategy process supports the needs of future work:

  • we help to frame the future with foresight work and the conception of alternative futures,
  • we support the building of a common picture by involving the ecosystem,
  • we enable to build a vision of shared innovation and co-development,
  • we will use the OKR (objectives and key results) framework to support the formulation of short- and long-term goals,
  • we integrate risk management into the review of strategy work,
  • we learn together and share best practices.

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“Humap’s way of working together, as a shared strategy process, was a crucial factor for us. We definitely wanted to involve staff and customers – a common process that serves both teamwork and development work. Wisdom does not dwell in one head or in one yard”,

– Susanna Juusti, VP Customer Experience, Id BBN Oy


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