Digital cooperation


Digitalisation challenges working methods every day. As a result of the recent boom in
working remotely, we need new ways of cooperation for multi-location and mobile work.
Digitalisation enables cooperation, interaction and communal learning, regardless of the
time and place. Creating a digital culture of cooperation is more important than investing in
technology itself.


  1. WHAT HAPPENS NOW?​ Organisations heavily invest in digital solutions. However, the usual working methods are not directly transferable to a digital environment. The management and cooperation processes in multi-location and network-focused work are partially different than when working face to face. The work will only be truly effective when the organisation focuses on building a digital cooperation culture.
  2. WHAT IS HISTORY?​ For over 20 years, Humap has been a partner in dozens of research projects that have aimed to introduce the results of multi-location and network-focused work research to Finnish working life. Digitalisation can support the construction of cooperation processes, the development of learning ability, innovation and the creation of new information, and improve the quality of digital interaction.
  3. WHAT DOES DIGITALISATION ENABLE?​ Digitalisation provides excellent conditions for involving hundreds and even thousands of people in developing an organisation. However, inclusion is not the purpose in itself; instead, the purpose is to gain multifaceted information about the operating environment. Digitalisation does not, as such, make us smarter or more efficient. An organisation’s best resources are always its people and cooperation.
  4. WHICH TOOLS SHOULD WE USE?​ Building a digital cooperation culture throughout the organisation is more important than the actual technology. Digital working environments expand cooperation from a few people to tens of thousands of people. Humap has been developing a cooperation environment for customer needs with its affiliated company Howspace. A working environment that utilises the latest technology was created to promote dialogue, cooperation, communal learning, and transparency. Work is possible with the currently available tools, whether you use Howspace, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Mentimeter, or another digital working environment.

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