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YARA, factories in Uusikaupunki

The need to develop supervisory work, to clarify the areas of responsibility, and to increase work motivation made Yara Suomi Oy’s factory in Uusikaupunki to start the development process. The themes that arose were the need to make the work feel meaningful, to increase work motivation, and to develop cooperation; and it was important that these issues would be tackled together.

Our organisation has regularly conducted surveys on well-being at work and the atmosphere. Based on the results, we noticed that one department needed to improve their atmosphere and develop cooperation. We decided to rise to this challenge, because each department is equally important to us, says Eija Kesti, Yara’s HR Business Partner.

The department had undergone work-related changes, job rotation, and reforms in distribution of work. The need and willingness to develop competence had clearly increased.


In the department selected for development at Yara, the atmosphere of “working together for a common goal” was being introduced with a process where everyone’s views and feelings were taken into account. The journey consisted of interviews, team coaching and change workshops, all the while discussing common challenges and successes and trying to find new opportunities for cooperation.

The process has increased the ability and willingness of our people to develop competence. Joint discussions made our people come together and drew them closer to each other. After the workshops, people got to go home with smiles on their faces, says Kesti happily.


According to Kesti, the success of the development process was based on a development-minded group of employees and supervisors, and senior management committed to improving the atmosphere at work. From the beginning, the management team was interested in the development of the department and they actively emphasised the impact of the process.

I am very happy with the process. The development process facilitated by Humap surpassed our expectations. The dedication of the factory’s management team was excellent and, as a result, we were able to genuinely improve the atmosphere in our department, explains Kesti.

Internally, the process also demonstrated to us that we are all equal and that we operate according to our values – honestly, consistently with our objectives, and in cooperation with mutual respect. The participation of an external partner made the process open and credible.