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Interactive strategy development at DNA

DNA:n strategiatyön keskeinen päämäärä on viestiä onnistuneesti yhteistä strategiaa koko henkilöstölle – aina yrityksen johdosta esimiehiin ja työntekijöihin. Tavoitteen saavuttamiseksi DNA järjesti kaikille esimiehilleen johdon strategiapäivän. Siellä haluttiin esimiehet osallistumaan keskusteluun ja yhteisiin tavoitteisiin. Näin strategiaa voitiin viestiä yhdenmukaisesti eteenpäin koko henkilöstölle.

DNA’s strategy development has an important goal to forward its joint strategies from management to supervisors and further to the whole staff. To accomplish this goal, they arranged an andministration’s strategy day for their supervisors. To emphasize the importance of cooperation and interactivity during the day, they decided to rely on Humap’s help.

To really implement their strategies, DNA wants their supervisors to commit to company’s common goals and participate in development discussions. This is how the strategy can be forwarded to the whole staff.

We made a contract with Humap that included their expertise in planning and implementing the day as well as providing us with a digital platform to enhance interactivity. The platform really worked for us. With it, all our 150 supervisors got to take part in the discussion and decision making utilizing for example preliminary questions, surveys and a picture contest. Humap’s experts also brought in a wider viewpoint and assistance in passing on the strategy, DNA’s Communications Executive Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck reveals


Interactive strategy development is guided by values

DNA has over 1,800 employees in its 18 offices across Finland. The company has a clear vision and mission –  to have the most satisfied customers in the business. According to Wahbleck, the whole organization works their hardest to accomplish this common goal.

DNA’s values, swiftness, courage and straightforwardness, are very important to us. We live by them, and it can be seen every day in our staff’s actions. We want to offer a straightforward service free of trouble, both internally and externally, Wahbleck emphasizes.

DNA appreciates a functioning partnership

According to their own values, DNA hopes to receive fast, straightforward and daring effort from their partners as well. Humap gets a lot of praise for its smooth cooperation and new and innovative operating models, that gave the strategy day a well-needed boost.

We are very pleased with what they did. Cooperating with Humap was effortless and the digital platform worked really well. We got just the help we needed from Humap and the strategy day was a great success. Our supervisors gave very positive feedback on how they got to take part in the discussion and the strategy day as a whole, Wahlbeck happily says.

We got fresh new views from Humap. The platform was easy to use and the problems were solved together quickly. We were able to enhance interactivity among all of our 150 supervisors.