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Shared Development at the Core of Successful Changes in The Enforcement Administration

In the beginning of 2018, The Enforcement Administration operation faced significant changes as different offices were merged and operations were centred both regionally and nationally. Before the changes, the goal of The Helsinki Enforcement Office was to hone their own processes. They wanted to create new working methods and shape their operations, so that they could provide the very best to their customers.

Office manager Mirja Huttunen says that the goal was to find ways to unify operations through shared development.

We had an excellent opportunity to try out and discover new working methods – to develop something new. Humap provided us with a genuine opportunity to operate and experiment. Without their support, we could not have integrated the new practices into our daily life so quickly. An outside partner also helped us immensely in getting started. We were able to maintain controllability and structure and we did not fall into chaos, Huttunen recalls.

Terhikki has supported us in our renewal work since 2012. She knows how to make people think. She does not fall into repeating the same questions, but challenges us to think and operate in a whole new way and does not underestimate our know-how, Huttunen praises.
In the Enforcement Administration, collective development was forged to serve the whole organization. Shared theme days and gatherings were held on a regular basis, and the work was supported by digital facilitation and digital work.

The platform boosted our work and supported us in proceeding from one stage to another. In the future, to ensure that process development will not become a task reserved for key and interest groups, we must invest in activating and including our whole organization.
According to Huttunen, The Enforcement Administration gained results very quickly. Shared discussions, exchanging opinions, listening to other peoples’ reasoning and searching for collective models were the best things the process had to offer.