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The City of Rauma – Leaving the traditional strategy report in the past

The long-standing cooperation between The City of Rauma and Humap continued as Rauma began to build a new strategy. Through the strategy work done in 2013, Rauma had already discarded the traditional, detailed, report-form strategy and begun to describe the shared ambitions and goals with a new attitude and energy: bigger font, less text and fresh ideas.


First we abandoned the word strategy. We wanted to do something in a whole new way. For a while, we had been considering changing the old practices and bravely trying out something new, describes Sari Salo, Director of Corporate Services.


According to Rauma’s city development manager Rikumatti Levomäki, the strategy work done with newfound energy stood the test of time quite well. The policies that were defined together, and the key elements brought up, were still quite accurate in the beginning of the new strategy period. Because “the world was not yet complete”, Rauma began to build a new plan based on the good old strategy.


We wanted to build a flexible process where we could include a group of several hundred people. We included citizens and city employees, administration, city government, city council and interest groups. In the viewpoint of content building, it was important to us that our goal and our whole strategy was publicly scrutinized by several professionals, Levomäki says.

One of the key values in our previous strategy was inclusiveness and we wanted to continue holding on to it. Strategy is not built in the city’s ivory tower but in everyday life where it is actually implemented.


When the new strategy work began, Rauma still remembered the previous good experiences of the process built with Humap’s support where, according to Salo, a great deal of new things was learnt.

Already then, the work left a permanent mark on our operations. We clearly got a new grip on our operations. Encountering and including others is now an everyday thing for us. It was great to see that creating a strategy can be fun.

According to Levomäki, in the update stage of the strategy, it was easy to continue cooperation with a familiar partner.


The cooperation undoubtedly gave us added value. Event facilitation and overall support was excellent. They did not offer us ready-made, external operation models. We genuinely brainstormed different implementation methods, group tasks and schedules, says Levomäki.

Flexible and dynamic work began as soon as we received the offer. Pekka and Vesa gave us fresh know-how and helped us understand the big picture.