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Protacon is a Finnish company that specializes in industry, expert organizations and service business and produces flexible solutions for production, product development and maintenance needs.

Protacon, which recently turned 25, invited Humap to take part in their customer management and service productization -themed business development programme.

As the surrounding world renews, businesses are required to take developmental leaps in order to further business growth. We felt that, in order to support the clarification and crystallization of our own vision, we sometimes need outside structuring, says Protacon’s Chief Business Officer Jarkko Kosonen.

Kosonen says that the development project stemmed from a need to scale the operations to a new level. The market demand and changes both in purchase behaviour and buyers challenged our old operating methods.

The fact that digital natives are entering working life has an everyday effect on how the services we provide are purchased and used. Our goal is to tackle this change by offering improved and novel service experiences to hundreds and thousands of end users and tens of thousands of administrators who we will be serving today and tomorrow in this rapidly changing world, Kosonen describes.

In order to reach our goal, we took a deeper look at service productization and customer management themes. Through that, we discovered that the core of the whole development project is, in fact, developing our organizational culture and know-how. Thus, the development process was approached through understanding and internalizing the need for change, at the core of which were strengthening know-how and internal cooperation relationships.

A work group, which represented the developed operations on a smaller scale: men and women from all age groups and roles, were chosen to work on the development process.

Working with the staff reminded us of the fact that people have immense resources when they are taken away from their basic tasks to engage in development work. The energy people have for renewing daily life surprised us positively, Kosonen applauds.

Humap has been a great inspirer and organizer in our process, together with our own substance know-how. Therefore, we chose Humap as our development process partner, not as a trainer that pours information into a well. Our cooperation has been very rewarding and it has broadened and structured our vision. Humap worked as a mirror for us and helped us to find and implement solutions ourselves.