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Changing the leadership culture at Progman

At Progman, a company specialising in software and services for the building industry, the largest leadership training for the supervisors is provided by the Finnish army. Progman started to develop the organisation’s leadership culture and clarify the focus of supervisory work.

CEO Jukka Nyman wanted to offer employees a new kind of leadership education.

I reviewed the results of the 2014 personnel survey and noticed that there was room for improvement in leadership and communication, recalls Nyman.

Traditionally, the people at Progman have met face to face twice a year – before the summer holidays and around Christmas. We wanted to create a training session for supervisors in a webinar format to supplement the face-to-face meetings. In the training, the supervisors could exchange thoughts and ideas regularly with colleagues.


Progman’s offices are located all over the world, so getting the supervisors in the same place is not that convenient. According to Nyman, a new way of doing things was justified.

We were able to take a step forward in developing our supervisory work. The topics discussed in the webinars, such as leadership, strategy and leading remote teams, were important to our supervisors.

In a virtual world, however, a couple of hours is a long time. In webinars, it often feels that you have only scratched the surface of a certain topic. After discussions, the participants may find it difficult to put the ideas into practice.

According to Nyman, Humap’s digital platform supports webinars and supervisor training very well. It was possible to create a clear framework for the entire training. The work done on the platform supported the process, and the tool was easy to use.

We have never used a similar tool before. The platform enabled a whole new way of doing things, summarises Nyman.