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Organisation-wide strategy of Paulig Group

Paulig Group has grown into a large, international food industry organization that encompasses several strong brands. It is, however, important that the organization is internally a one strong company with a shared mission, culture and identity. We wanted to strengthen this unity to celebrate our 140th anniversary.

In almost a year-long process, the whole staff participated in mission work and strategic development in a fun and inspiring way.

I believe that we no longer have a single employee who doesn’t know our mission or doesn’t stand behind it. We created something new and collectively important in our organization, says Paulig Group’s communication manager Anita Laxén.

The process of living out our mission, which culminated in the 140th anniversary party, genuinely brought us closer together. It strengthened our shared culture, and people got to know their colleagues across organizational boundaries and country borders, internal communications manager Piia Puska rejoices.

Together with Humap, the Paulig Group began building a process that included the whole organization and where the management challenged the staff to join the mission work. The “Exploring Great Taste” mission – or the search for best flavours  – was a mutual goal for the whole group. The staff was invited to make short videos as teams honouring the company’s values. The process was built utilizing Humap’s digital cooperation platform.

We believe that growth and efficiency can only be achieved when the staff is willing to work together and enjoy it. It requires a strong culture, and we wanted to include our whole staff in building ours, Puska says.

The best mission videos were awarded at the 140th anniversary party that was thrown simultaneously in seven different countries. During the party, employees celebrating in all countries got to meet each other online in our “meeting corner”.