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Keskimaa Management Group Invests in Cooperation Relationships

The management group members of Keskimaa began to build their cooperation and mutual relationship when they realized that the better the group works together, the better the whole organization works.

Our cooperation already worked very well, but there is always room for improvement. The background thinking and ideology of Humap361 appealed to us from the very beginning, says Keskimaa’s HR manager Kaisamaria Thusberg.

The 361 evaluation helped the Keskimaa management group to deepen their understanding of the significance of cooperation. According to Thusberg, the group members are no longer the sole leaders of their own field of responsibility, but colleagues are relied on even in everyday matters.

Together we evaluated how incomplete we dare to be in a group, and how incomplete thoughts we dare to present for collective preparation. The evaluation process gave us a vast amount of understanding of the fact that no-one will shoot down your ideas but push you forward. You don’t have to polish your thoughts alone. Instead, we can develop them further together.

Thusberg says that the core of the 361 evaluation lies in the fact that, instead of just one, there are two managers who are evaluated at the same time. Both observe the relationship responsibly

361 is a responsible way of developing an organization and cooperation relationships. Effects are more extensive when people participate responsibly and reflect on their own actions. It wasn’t actually until the process began that I realized how much it requires from us. You have to want to participate and commit. Maybe it’s a some kind of test for the organization on how committed people are.

Starting the evaluation process was no child’s play. When the invitation for the web survey arrived, the management group agonized how burdensome answering the survey would be. Answering and genuinely evaluating the relationship took a surprisingly long time, as challenging issues had to be processed and explained in writing. When you got started with filling out the evaluation, it was inspiring and made you consider things in a new way. The survey was compiled beautifully. Even though some sections, such as symbols of our relationship, were hard to fill out, they worked as fun an fruitful tools for discussion, Thusberg recalls.

According to Thusberg, receiving feedback supported the discussions had after filling out the survey well.

The discussions made us quite nervous at first. As the discussion started, we both knew that it would focus on our relationship which made bringing up the more difficult issues less threatening. Our management group handled the discussions very responsibly. We were able to let the cat out of the bag and genuinely discuss the development of our cooperation.

In Keskimaa, the teachings and experiences of the process, as well as ways of discussing, have been applied to teams and mutual cooperation has improved.

With the help of the 361 evaluation, we were able to bring our relationship to a whole new level. Our management group is now welded together. We support, encourage and challenge each other in a positive way. We work better as a group and no longer guard the boundaries of our own fields of responsibility so strictly. The know-how and vision of each management group member has been harnessed to collective use.

361 is a genuinely different and brilliant tool. We focused on the relationships within our management groups and the results are reflected in our everyday life.