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Great Changes in Leadership and Managerial Work at The National Archives Of Finland

The merger process of The National Archives Of Finland and seven provincial archives began four years ago. The amendment has not yet taken effect, but, in the year 2018, all operators should merge into one administration named The National Archives Of Finland. The reform manifests specifically as changes in leadership and managerial work.

Humap has been a great support to the organizations in preparing for the large-scale reform process. The process has focused particularly on together supporting the inclusion of the whole organization. The reform utilizes digital ways of inclusion which has enabled open dialogue between employees working at different offices.

Change is naturally scary, especially for the provincial archives, because the independence of the local archives will diminish with the reform. As the process drags on, the long-lasting insecurity and the whole transformation stage also have a negative impact on the working atmosphere, the chief administration officer Anitta Hämäläinen says.

Despite the slow progression of the amendment process, reform work and preparation have begun, and new operation models have been applied to the extent that the current legislation enables. Administrative tasks have been centralized and tasks have been rearranged.

The reform process began by interviewing key persons and choosing the most important conversation topics. The management was made visible to the whole organization through videos shared on the digital platform, and the progress of the change process was communicated to everyone equally using the digital platform and videos.

Utilizing videos in the reform dialogue was a great experience since it showed the humane side of the management. That is an aspect that often lacks in traditional communication. We were able to build a new kind of open dialogue between the personnel and the management which improved our working atmosphere. The digital facilitation platform has genuinely worked as a conversation enabler for us.

Hämäläinen says that the reform process positively affected the development of open dialogue within the organization. The change process is not, however, over so the next task is to move on to dealing with insecurity and change management together with Humap. We are still waiting for the amendment to take effect, but we are ready to live out the reform.