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Implementing Strategy Is Not Just Business Nonsense

At Turku Energia, strategy is not just business nonsense. The goal of the company’s strategy work was to make each employee understand their own important role in the bigger picture.

According to CEO Timo Honkanen ,Turku Energia’s task is to offer their customers the services they want. This basically means that the company produces electricity and heating to their customers safely and energy efficiently and that they guarantee the security of supply.

According to Honkanen, the company’s field of business is changing in a fairly rapid pace. The implementation of a new strategy that meets the changing demands was also done in a new way: simultaneously both top down and bottom up. In addition to management, a large part of the staff was also included.

The experts of each field reflected on how their own area of focus and customers’ wishes had changed and how the operation environment and technology had developed. Strategy isn’t just business nonsense. It is a part of our everyday work, Honkanen crystallizes.

Each and every one of our 280 experts has their own important role in this cogwheel. Thus, we hope that each employee understands what strategy means to them. Humap is our primus motor in that.

According to Honkanen, as a strategy implementation partner, Humap’s experts knew what they were doing and understood the company’s needs. They also provided the staff and middle management with tools for driving the strategy forward.

Humap proved their competence yet again. Our cooperation has been very open and fruitful. When everyone gets to leave their own mark on the whole process, commitment is stronger. Everyone feels that this is our thing, Honkanen says.

Our next strategy process will definitely be an inclusive one too.

Humap’s digital platform is also praised, and Honkanen describes it as an important part of the process.

With the platform, we were able to monitor and record the progress of our work. We  were able to make what is happening and where transparent. The discussion on the platform was very open. Digitality as an operation method was a novel thing for us but it worked out great.