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Implementing a strategy is not just empty business talk

For Turku Energia, a strategy is not just empty business talk. The goal of the company’s strategy work was to make every employee understand their vital role as part of the whole.



According to CEO Timo Honkanen, Turku Energia’s task is to provide customers with services that meet their wishes. In practice, this means that the company produces electricity and heat for its customers – safely, energy-efficiently, and reliably.

According to Honkanen, the company’s line of business is changing quite rapidly. The new strategy that meets the changing requirements was also implemented in brand new ways – combining the top-down and bottom-up approaches. In addition to the management, a large part of the staff was included.

Specialists in each sector considered how their own area of focus and wishes of the customers have changed, as well as how the operating environment and technology have developed. The strategy is not just empty business talk, but part of our everyday work, says Honkanen.

Each of our 280 specialists has a significant role to play in this gear. Therefore, we want every employee to understand what the strategy means for them. In this, Humap worked as a primary engine for us.

According to Honkanen, Humap’s specialists helping to implement the strategy knew their business and understood the needs of the company. They also provided staff and middle management with tools to carry the strategy forward.

Humap showed its competence yet again. The cooperation has been very open and productive. When everyone is allowed to have their own thumb print in the bigger picture, commitment is stronger. Everyone will get the feeling that this is our thing, says Honkanen.

We will absolutely start a cooperative strategy process also next time.

In addition, Humap’s digital platform receives praise. Honkanen describes it as a vital part of the process.

The platform helped us to better monitor and record the progress of the work. The events taking place in different parts of the company became transparent. The discussion on the platform was very open. Digitalisation as a procedure was a little newer to us, but it worked well.