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Humane strategy work creates the experience of participation

The strategy work of ALSO Finland Oy is based on their brave and visionary approach to work with partners and personnel. ALSO wants to focus on people’s quality of life through technology and the power of the ecosystem. The experience of participation was made possible through inviting personnel, clients and partners to join the strategy work. The strategy was brought to life together right from the first day.

The courage to make strategy in a new way

The strategy work was implemented in a way that in itself builds cooperation and supports the development of culture. ALSO’s goal is to build brave organization and growth. This is supported by e.g. a coaching management approach, as well as increasing the strategic thinking of the personnel.

The starting point for the new strategy process was to get all the stakeholders (personnel, customers and partners) involved. The aim was to plan the strategic direction and values of ALSO Finland together. The new strategy is based on ALSO concern’s MORE-strategy, which is a major strategic alignment of the global concern of 24 countries. The strategy for Finland aims to be more suitable for the local market and its growing and developing business.

“At ALSO we believe that all the available skills are needed to create a successful strategy. This competence comes from individual employees, our partners as well as our clients. The Howspace platform used by Humap enabled us to engage this great group of people to strategy work to ensure the best possible outcome. Humap was chosen to be our partner simply because with them we could quickly get everyone to work together”, says Ilari Lipsonen, Finland’s and Estonia’s HR Business Partner of ALSO Finland Oy.


The digital strategy journey strengthened the sense of humanity and community

As a result of stakeholder cooperation, ALSO’s current state, strengths and development areas were defined. After this, Howspace’s cooperation environment was used for innovation and co-development. Brave decisions were made to find the right strategic focus points.

ALSO’s strategic journey was implemented in three months. However, the work will continue for the rest of the five-year strategy period. The joint strategy was brought to life together right from the first day. The strategy work supported ALSO’s goal to develop a human-centric cooperation culture and to create Finland’s happiest work community. New and brave innovations were born through digital interaction between the stakeholders. Right from the beginning, the personnel got to know the strategy in face-to-face workshops. This helped to create a sense of psychological safety in the face of planning a new, shared future.

“The work steps went well. Humap’s know-how was very important since this was the first time for ALSO to complete a process this way. Humap’s main job was to schedule and plan all the steps in the strategy process. Sparing of the management and the personnel throughout the process was also important. Our next step at ALSO is to visualize what we have achieved. In the last step of the process the strategy will become part of the daily activities of everyone at ALSO. This will be achieved through work goals and OKR leadership structures. Bravely, together”, says Ilari Lipsonen.

New working methods motivated to understand strategy and the bigger picture

The strategy work is strongly based on OKR thinking (Objectives and Key Results). This strengthens the goal-oriented implementation and monitoring of the joint strategy in the teams’ everyday life.

“As a part of the strategy we wanted to create a culture of openness. This was done by listening to the entire personnel, our clients and our stakeholders. Howspace’s cooperation environment worked great for this purpose. We received many valuable comments, both positive and constructive, to support our strategy work. Humap’s wide knowledge of similar results in different fields helped us understand the development areas important to us. These were then included in the updated strategy”, thanks Antti Järvinen, the sales leader and the face of the strategy work of ALSO Finland.

“Our cooperation with ALSO was based on strong trust and the brave working methods that included willingness to see and experience the strategy work in a new way. It was great to see how people committed and got excited about building a joint strategy. This matter touched everyone at ALSO and took us closer to achieving the strategic goals”, says Terhikki Rimmanen, the head of process facilitation at Humap.

ALSO Finland Oy is an european B2B marketplace for IT products and services. Their services are precisely tailored for a vast variety of different clients’ needs and demands. This is why ALSO is a competitive, trustworthy and sustainable partner.