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Elisa’s cooperative strategy work on mobile platform

Elisa, the Finnish market leader of telecommunication, ICT and online services, understands the impact of digitalisation on working methods, management, and the work environment. Humap and a digital platform provides support for the development of the organisation and partnerships.

Unforeseeable situations may sometimes disturb operations. This happened to Elisa’s Piia Säylä and Humap’s Annika Ranta, as their flight never left Helsinki Airport due to a technical fault.

Their destination would have been Joensuu, where hundreds of entrepreneurs, students, and influencers in the region were waiting for them. Elisa and Humap were meant to host a joint network event for developing working life skills, but now the hosts were unexpectedly stuck at the airport.

A digital platform resolved this difficult situation. The day was actually hosted online.

Virtual work is commonplace for us, so we got the job done despite the surprises. The combination of videos and the digital platform suited the situation perfectly, particularly when the theme was the working skills of the future, says Piia Säylä,  Elisa’s HR development manager.


During the day, Säylä explained what the work of the future actually means at Elisa. Elisa’s Ideal Work concept is a model for multi-location and decentralised work that is supported by smart and functional work environment.

We have 22 Elisa Ideal Work agents who experiment and test what does and doesn’t work in the working community. We share our experiences with images and videos, and in writing via Humap’s digital platform, for example.

According to Säylä, the work of the future also means thinking. Its quality is highlighted through automation and robotics. “A person is not an individual, but a pair. We always interact in relation to each other, and our thinking develops in cooperation. One might say that Humap’s digital platform is a place for mutual thinking.”

Elisa’s Ideal Work is linked to Elisa’s values, which also came about as a result of this mutual thinking.

“A few years ago, we energised 4,000 Elisa people to gather around a common theme. The process was a combination of individual work and group discussions. For three weeks, we had a dialogue on the digital platform about what our customers value, what we value, and what kind of a workplace we want to be. We operate in three languages: Finnish, English, and Estonian”, says Merja Ranta-aho, Elisa’s HR manager.

Elisa has cooperated with Humap since 2014.

Annika has a lot of experience in virtual interaction and facilitation. “In addition to expertise, I appreciate the fact that cooperation is easy and convenient. One prerequisite for success is a partner that I can trust”, says Piia Säylä.

“It is easy to work with Humap, and the intensity of the cooperation has always been adapted to suit the particular moment. Humap does not have a ready template that they try to impose on us, but they have the ability to actually listen to what we are doing. The bigger picture is formulated based on shared expertise. It is an unusual way to work”, confirms Merja Ranta-aho.