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Humap supported Efima’s strategy development

Efima is a Finnish service company that provides solutions for enterprise resource planning, financial management and business insight. Having achieved its first vision, Efima took its entire personnel to Agia Efima in Greece in September 2017. During the trip, they planned in a creative environment for the next growth stage and the basis for the next strategy. Help was needed in the project and Efima chose as its partner Humap, a company dedicated to developing cooperation processes and working culture.

Obviously, we celebrated the fact that we had reached the goals of our first vision. But we also wanted to work intensively to create a basis for our next stage, explains Efima’s CEO Tero Salminen.

It was a big investment for us to travel to Greece with our whole staff, and we really wanted to succeed. This is why we chose Humap’s experts to help us, he continues.

The mobile platform made it possible to work in uncommon surroundings

An interesting fact was that Humap didn’t travel with Efima to Greece. The work was done virtually, utilizing a mobile platform provided by Humap.

They were there to support us the whole time though. Working was very intensive, but it was virtual. We didn’t want to work in conference rooms, so we worked, for example, at the pool and on the beach, says Salminen.

I was really surprised at how functional the mobile platform was. Our employees were also excited and I would say that it enhanced our team spirit.

The goals were well achieved

Salminen says Humap moderated the strategy discussions professionally with their own expertise and an outsider’s point of view.

They provided brilliant summaries in between sessions and set up the next sessions on the basis of what had come up in previous discussions. We returned from Greece as a stronger organization. Now, we have clear, common plans and goals that will take Efima to the next level, explains Salminen.

The most important thing in strategy development, in my opinion, is involving the whole organization. Wisdom can often be found in places other than in the company’s management. Humap’s input in the project was excellent. With their help, we reached the goals that had been set, and that is the most important thing, he concludes.