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Dna’s interactive strategy work

The key goal of DNA’s strategy work is to communicate the common strategy successfully to all employees – from the company’s managers and supervisors to employees. To reach this goal, DNA arranged a strategy day for all of its supervisors. The purpose was to get supervisors to participate in the discussion and common goals. In this way, the strategy could be communicated uniformly to all staff.

Support for carrying out the strategy day was sought from Humap to increase cooperation and interaction.

We made a cooperation agreement with Humap, which included both specialist assistance in planning and carrying out the day, and the use of a digital platform to increase interactivity. The digital platform was very useful for us, because it enabled all of our 150 supervisors to participate in the discussion and decision-making in the form of preliminary questions, polls, and a photography contest, for example, says Vilhelmina Wahlbeck, DNA’s communications manager.

In addition to the platform, the specialists also offered a broader view and help in strategy work communications.

DNA has a clear vision and mission – the most satisfied customers in the field. According to Wahlbeck, the entire organisation is working towards a common goal.

DNA’s values – speed, courage and straightforwardness – are very important to us. We live by them, and it is reflected in how our staff acts every day. We want to be a straightforward and effortless partner, both internally and externally, when it comes to getting things done, emphasises Wahlbeck.


According to its values, DNA also hopes that its partners will work in a straightforward, fast and bold fashion. Humap is praised for smooth and inventive cooperation and new operating models that were the missing pieces in the supervisors’ strategy day.

We are very happy with the whole process. Everything went smoothly with Humap, and the digital platform worked very well. We got the help we needed. Our strategy day was very successful. The supervisors gave positive feedback on how well they were able to participate in the discussion, says Wahlbeck with satisfaction.

Humap gave us fresh views, the digital platform was easy to implement, and problems were resolved together. We were able to build a genuine interaction between all of our 150 supervisors, summarises Wahlbeck.