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Digitality boosting regional government reform in central Finland

In the regional government reform, the digital leap is discussed a lot. However, it is often limited to taking services online. Nevertheless, in Central Finland, the regional government reform means change in a 10,000-people organization. With the new region, we started thinking about how to provide change support to at least all of the organization’s 600 managers. The future Central Finland Region decided to take a bold step towards something new and take a digital leap in internal communication as well.

The core of our cooperation was change support for 600 managers. We wanted to help managers to operate and discuss the huge outside change pressure with their work community. Nevertheless, we needed a new way of reaching managers as the Central Finland Region is geographically large and, for economic reasons also, it is impossible to invite everyone to Jyväskylä once a month, regional reform project manager Pirjo Peräaho says.

Over 30 different organizations with big cultural differences are undergoing a change. The important question was how to generate discussion and interaction between these organizations.


During the change process, Humap’s digital platform has been utilized in many ways. The platform has been used as a comment tool in seminars, in distributing info packages on supporting the change process to managers and in working on an action plan for the Central Finland Region together.

With the help of the interactive digital platform, we crafted an organization plan for the Central Finland Region. This plan includes an outline of how the Central Finland Region arranges their operations and services. We published the outline on the digital platform so that other work communities could comment and give feedback. We were able to include a much larger number of staff in the planning work than we expected, says Peräaho.

There is no other product on the market like Howspace. Single digital platform components are available, but the package offered by Humap is unique.



The introduction of a new platform has divided the employees, as expected. Humap’s interactive digital platform has gained a lot of positive feedback around the region. We are hoping that our whole staff of 10,000 employees will start using the digital platform.

We went into this project with an experimental attitude. We needed a digital practice channel where we could have a dialogue and offer support. We started out with the mindset that this was a practice round. The cooperation has, however, proved to be much more appealing than we imagined, Peräaho replays.

Howspace has been received well due to its simplicity.  The change process demands simplicity since other issues are challenging.

Peräaho has cooperated with Humap in numerous projects. He praised Humap again for their flexibility in supporting the regional government reform. The project has required agility from both parties.

Cooperation with Humap has been easy, although, at a national level, the project has been enormous and challenging. At times, deadlines stretch nationally, but, as a partner, Humap has been very understanding and flexible.