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Development and administrative centre (KEHA) – Digitality in facilitating bureau merges

The regional government reform has launched many change processes around Finland. This is also the case with Development and Administrative (KEHA) centres and Public Employment and Business Services (TE) offices whose 15 bureaus are in a turmoil due to national changes. When facing large organizational changes, the Development and Administrative (KEHA) centre asked: “How can we extend the change support to involve our whole 6000-person staff spread across Finland?” We turned to Humap’s digital platform for help.

The introduction of the digital platform means keeping our finger on the pulse. In decentralized work, instead of face-to-face meetings, interaction happens more and more online. Humap’s digital platform is the answer to the fast pace of the working life. The platform relieves the pressure to meet the demands of a large staff. We now have a tool that can be used when interaction and participation opportunities are needed, says Sirpa Siikaluoma, the work well-being expert of Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) and Public Employment and Business Services (TE) centres.


Humap’s interactive digital platform was tested out in a Pirkanmaa Public Employment and Business Service (TE) bureau staff’s change workshop. The results of the workshop were impressive, and the cooperation was extended.

Humap has experience in facilitation, and the results of the change workshop were excellent. We decided to request a quotation for this tool to be tested by our own development experts. Here at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY), we have 15 development experts who are responsible for arranging coachings, staff events, trainings, small groups and peer groups. They have already been testing out, or are intending to test, the platform, says Siikaluoma.

The platform has especially been praised for the fact that it does not require logging in, installing or downloading. Everything is accessible through one e-mail link.


When the decision of extending the cooperation was made, Humap sparred the development experts in order for them to get the most out of the features of the digital platform. With Humap’s sparring, the digital platform found its place in the Development and Administrative Centre’s (KEHA) own events.

I used the digital platform as a platform for questions and comments concerning the speeches held during a theme day focusing on the current matters of the occupational safety personnel. The event held in Pasila was a remote session and, via the digital platform, we were able to assemble all questions into one workspace, Siikaluoma describes her own user experience.

Dealing with large masses on the digital platform is easy. It is easy to get large groups together when everything happens in real time. There is no other app that enables that. The interactivity of Humap’s platform is ground-breaking. Before, in virtual events or trainings, the event proceeded so that, first, I would talk and others would listen, and then someone else would talk and others would listen. The digital platform enables simultaneous interaction and gives everyone a chance to participate.