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Create your own space

I love to work in a clean space which is not too full of stuff. Pure, clean, and light. Spiced up with good design and art. That’s how I see it. A typical scandinavian, some would say. Another would claim it sounds like a design agency. But that’s how I like my surroundings to look like. Maybe it’s a reflection of how I like my mind to be: pure, clean and light. Spiced up with design and art.

As I moved to the UK I started working mainly from home. And to be clear, our home is not excatly a big family home, it’s more like ”we’ll get there eventually” type of thing. This means that during the past year my work stuff has been piling around the house. The dining table for four has become a dining table for two (sometimes for none). When I every now and then curl up to the sofa to work, it soon becomes a party place for laptop, tablet, phone, papers, pens, books, etc. It’s a co-ordinated chaos that’s going on.

I assume this sounds familiar to many of you, maybe even for you who actually have a separate room for all the stuff? While I’ve been dreaming of my own pure and clean office that’s filled with light, and looking at those inspirational photos in Pinterest, I decided to start somewhere much closer. My laptop.

Instead of just imagining a space that I want to have in the future, I wanted to picture it. To make it more concrete and closer to reality. So I drew it. Now every time I start working in the morning I can have a nice view on my little space. And again, when calling it for a day, the last thing I see is my pure, clean and light office. Spiced up with design and art.

What kind of work space does your mind need?