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The world is changing. Can people change too? One of the core strengths of humanity is the ego and its driving power. Without our egos, we would not achieve anything. However, the ego is a poor master, given that it does not usually listen to its environment, working instead through the lens of its own truth. And that does not get you far in today’s world. We should therefore keep our egos in the servant’s role, because this servant is unlikely to exhaust itself anytime soon.

What does deserve the role of the master is the wisdom hiding behind your ego, ready to listen to its environment. Willing to understand, observe, help and work towards the common good. We understand this naturally as individuals who are part of a family and community, but to an increasing degree, also from the perspective of a business and management.


Within an organisation, we are entirely dependent on what others do, whether we admit it or not. At the same time, we are in a constant relationship of dependence to the outside world and the surrounding ecosystem. Management change can also be described through an appreciation of this. What steps out from behind the traditional determined and authoritarian leadership individual is a listener who responds to the call and demands of their surroundings.

The change in management and the management for a new age are apparent in a number of ways in Humap’s customer experiences. What lies at the core of joint direction is management that belongs to everyone, rather than just the person holding the highest position. The hidden aspect of developing joint direction is indeed the struggle with your own ego.  While the manager has to give up many of the growth ingredients of an ego, no member of the community can forego introspection. Management divided among ten egomaniacs instead of one will take any community out the frying pan and into the fire.


At the same time, organisations are looking for ways to begin navigating from the needs of their surroundings, instead of their own strategic goals. Many of our customers are trying their hand at jointly directed strategy work, in which the shared way forward is being built in cooperation with the personnel, stakeholders and customers. This does not negate the significance of personal goals. Rather, they are simply built on the needs of the ecosystem. This requires us to set aside our ego and our desire for personal growth.

And what if we finally return to the question of whether people can change? Yes, they can, albeit very slowly, if they do not recognise the need for change and if there is no immediate need for it. An increasing number of managers is nevertheless realising that their own ego is standing in the way of the organisational system revealing its full potential. Changing this situation requires not only humility but perseverance, since the change of one factor in a system impacts the entire system. The entire system must understand what is happening and why. It requires time, dialogue and practising new things in practice.

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