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“With the help of Humap, we invited the entire personnel to work on our strategy. We also want every employee to understand what the strategy means for them. In this, Humap worked as a primary engine for us. As a result, we have achieved more than EUR 10 million profit in three years, and our customer satisfaction is the best in Finland.”

Timo Honkanen​, CEO, TURKU ENERGY Ltd

“We had to consider what we could do differently. Humap helped us to see things in a new light. In a large management team, the sheer number of people challenges you to find suitable working methods as open discussions are often challenging.”

Sami Anttilainen, Director, Product Sales, VALMET Plc

“Everything went smoothly with Humap and the digital platform of Howspace worked really well. We got exactly the help we needed. Our strategy day was a real success. Supervisors received positive feedback on how well they got involved in the discussion.”

–  Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck, Communications Director, DNA Plc

“Humap helped us to collaborate in change. Our whole organisation of 1500 employees joined for this change journey. During the change process we were able to improve both internal collaboration, co-creating new capabilities and customer experience. ”

Ari Mäkelä​, Senor Director at Businesses & Corporations, FINNISH TAX ADMINISTRATION

“It is easy to work with Humap, and the intensity of the cooperation has always been adapted to suit the particular moment. Humap does not have a ready template that they try to impose on us, but they have the ability to actually listen to what we are doing. The bigger picture is formulated based on shared expertise. It is an unusual way to work.”

Merja Ranta-Aho, HR Director, ELISA Plc

”We had a successful strategy process with Humap, in which the strategy was renewed and created by using Humap’s strategy model. This worked really well and the strategy was facilitated by involving our ecosystem.”

– Kari Neilimo, member of the Board of Directors in The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People

“At ALSO, we believe that a successful strategy needs all available expertise. Humap’s know-how was very important, because this was the first time the strategy process was done at ALSO with this humane and inclusive way.”

– Ilari Lipsonen, HR Business Partner Finland & Estonia, ALSO FINLAND Ltd.

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