The Energy8 tool visualizes social structures in order to create a collective understanding of the unconscious foundation of your social system, such as its shared identity and values. The combined human power of everyone involved will be effectively utilized to reach a shared goal.

Mapping social systems

The Energy8 tool uses an approach to find collective values and identities within a community. The objective of the Energy8 tool is to create clear ‘maps’ of social systems. These maps bring a collective understanding of the unconscious foundation of a social system. Our approach focuses on the whole system and helps teams and organizations to use their inner strengths and capabilities. This way we can see, understand and influence collective identity, shared values and entrained patterns in teams and organizations.


Creating a MagicMap

A map of your social system, which we refer to as a MagicMap, will be drafted based on data collected in an online survey. In a colorful array, the values respondents considered important are categorized in eight archetypal identities. The dominating values are presented in both the genotype (back-stage) and the phenotype (front-stage).

Collective action

Now we have a clear overview of the values people consider important themselves, and the values people consider important in their social system. After learning these identities, we can set up a workshop where the people involved define a collective list of actions that will inspire everyone to create more possibilities together.

‘For me and for the people within Selikor NV the Energy8 tool worked very effectively. In my experience there are few methods that can describe reality in such a creative way, covering all details in a realistic manner.’

Wesley Kook, Managing Director Selikor NV

Fast track - 3 hour workshop

Hoe zou het zijn als het hele team meehelpt slepende kwesties op te lossen? Onder begeleiding van een expert. Lees de werkwijze hier …[Sorry, Dutch only]

Collective identity and shared values in a blink.

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