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Find the organizations' identity and values in a blink.

How to make a more desirable place for everyone involved? A participatory approach to find identity and shared values offers a solution. It will unleash the creativity and resourcefulness that a group or team can bring from its heart and soul, in order to strengthen its purpose.

Map social systems

What is needed is an approach to quickly find collective values and identities. Like making a ‘map’ of a team, organisation or city. These maps bring a collective understanding of the foundation of a group. Such an approach focuses on the whole system and helps organisations and communities to become aware of their inner strengths and capabilities.


Create MagicMaps

Energy8 is a tool to find the identity and collective values in a blink. A web-based tool which creates social maps using the input of all people involved. A map of a social system will be drafted based on data collected in an online survey. In a colorful array, the values respondents considered important are categorized in eight archetypal identities.

Stimulate conversations

Now there is a clear overview of what people consider important, they are invited in a workshop. There is an enormous power in a group of people becoming aware of their heart and soul. Participants are stimulated to define a list of ‘simple rules’ which will inspire them to strengthen their identity and values.



‘For me and for the people within Selikor NV the Energy8 tool worked very effectively. In my experience there are few methods that can describe reality in such a creative way, covering all details in a realistic manner. An analysis of the organization and people is made using their own input and indications. The Magic Map is like a mirror in which you see the different faces of the organization: from the great sides to the less pleasant.’

Wesley Kook, Managing Director Selikor NV

Energy8 in assignments

Colruyt, Airbus, PX, Korys, DeltaAlliance, Cultuurnet, Dutch Police Academy, Selikor, Nordea Banken, Landstede, Kunstmaan, Tjallingahiem, Windesheim, Boomsma Shipping, Gemeente Zwolle, Gemeente Nijmegen, Lijn1 (and more)


How to find values and identity in a blink

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