Social Design in the Netherlands

Customer stories

A selection of social innovations we co-created in the Netherlands.
Also read our customer stories.

Childcare organization. Creating an adaptive community centered organization
Shipping company. Constructing better relations and communication between crew and staff
Education. Dialogue with city district about building a new 21st century school
Life Science company. Global employer branding initiative Benelux
Health care consultancy. Learning new skills and improve collaboration
Plant and Marine industry. Post merger initiative. Identity and value creation in 18 countries
Social housing. Idea labs shaping a customer centric approach
Local government. Developing future directions for region together with citizens
Oil and gas. Initiative with all major oil companies to shape a global standard for safety
Water management. Preparing merger based on comparing identities and values
Financial sector. Learning initiative to create an adaptive organization
Engineering. Leadership training with Aikido exercises
Research. Shaping a global idea platform for social complexity and uncertainty