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We love to connect human power in collective action to boost bright ideas.

It all starts with a bright idea!

We believe that activating people’s desires and ideas is the best way to achieve remarkable and durable results in a complex world.


Connecting human power is key

If you engage people on a great idea with a profound value their efforts and results will accelerate.

Creating collective action

Collective action is a matter of acting and discovering. We guide, support and educate small and large groups in their process. We use clear methods, easy-to-use communication tools and inspiring learning labs.


So, what is your idea?

No matter your professional role for your organization, you will have plenty of ideas that will contribute to the lives of customers, patients, civilians and colleagues. We would love to hear them and see how we can get you going.

We are Humap

We are international oriented specialists in guiding organizations and communities within complex habitats to become more innovative and adaptive.